New ESA Article About ISTSat-1

ESA wrote an article about ISTSat-1's vibration tests campaign!

Our satellite was recently at ESA’s test facilities in Redu for the vibration tests campaign, with two of our team members. This campaign\’s objective was to test the satellite’s structural integrity whilst in the deployer. This test is essential to make sure ISTSat-1 can withstand the high vibrations and G-forces that it will suffer during the rocket launch.

The latest ESA article about university CubeSats, ” Shake, rattle and roll: ISTSat-1 team put their custom CubeSat model through intense vibration tests”, explains what these tests are all about and how our team had to go the extra mile beacause of our (almost) completely custom satellite.

In spacecraft engineering terms, this means that the students are taking on additional work and risk, as their in-house subsystems have not yet been used in other missions, or even extensively tested.

European Space Agency

- referring to the ISTNanosat team

Would you like to know more about the vibration tests campaing and The Fly Your Satellite programme?

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